Sensors & Controls

Our line of environmental sensors and control equipment helps producers, farmers, processors and manufacturers of cannabis and hemp products keep track of their facilities environmental data while simultaneously allowing users to control the environment as well.

Device Agnostic

We provide access to our SAP Business One solution on any internet connected device.  TVs, Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, Windows, Mac, or Linux.


Our partnership with technologies largest names allow us to provide a secure connection to all of our products.  HIPPA and PCI compliance is offered.

Easy To Use

We make sure our software is easy to use, navigate and maintain.  Never get stuck or lost in frustrating software again!

Cost Effective

Our Viridian sensors & controls project is a great solution for producers, growers, farmers, and processors of cannabis and hemp products!

Real Time Data

All of our environmental data is accessible in real-time.  You can watch the charts and graphs on your mobile responsive web application from anywhere in the world!

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Camera Feeds

Want the ability to see your security camera feeds right from the environmental control panel?!  With our systems you can!

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Temperature Data

Watch in real-time as the temperatures rise and fall in the rooms you are monitoring.  System alerts are sent at certain thresholds to alert you when it gets too cold or too hot.  Automatically adjusting the AC unit is possible as well.  Overlaying the temperature data on finalized grows will allow you to see how the temperature affects your yields and test results.

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Multiple Rooms

View data for every room you want to!  An unlimited amount of data can be captured on your environments and stored in our secure servers for your viewing and reporting needs!

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Cannabis plants use CO2 when they’re making energy from light, so without CO2 there’s no photosynthesis or growth.  Make sure your CO2 levels are top notch and be alerted if they falter!

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The humidity of your cannabis grow room plays a large part in how your plants function. It can effect the growth and final yield as well as having implications in the spread of disease and mildew.

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Air Pressure

Reading barometric pressure is an important tool for producers, farmers, and processors.  Changes in pressure can affect a plants drying and curing phases dramatically!

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Light Levels

Light levels are important especially during vegetative and flowering stages.  You can watch your light levels, run reports on different rooms or strains, see how light levels affected yields or test results and more!

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