Washington Marijuana Traceability System Software: Cover-up or Sour Grapes? You Decide

The story continues regarding Washington State’s troubled marijuana traceability system.

Recently, a flaw in the software was uncovered showing that users identities could be exposed to hackers and identity thieves.

Read on and decide for yourself here in the Cannabis Business Executive article: http://www.cannabisbusinessexecutive.com/2015/01/follow-letter-editor-commentary/

Found the below quote on their page:

PS: It may just be a coincidence, but www.cannabisbusinessexecutive.com has been under cyber-attack since we posted this story.


Link to original article from Cannabis Business Executive: http://www.cannabisbusinessexecutive.com/2015/01/marijuana-traceability-system-software-security-flaw-shut-washington-recreational-program/